If you suffer from a food allergy, every meal can be an ordeal. The constant monitoring, and the need for extensive research and planning nutritious meals that are still tasty enough for your family to eat, can become stressful for many. That’s why many people across Leicester and the surrounding area are turning to private chef Halima Ferreira to alleviate some of the stress of preparing meals for themselves and/or their families.

With extensive experience in the food allergy sector, over the years Halima has spent countless hours researching substitutions, reading labels and sourcing a mouth-watering selection of ingredients to satisfy your individual needs. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience in creating dishes for people with food allergies and intolerances, Halima enjoys experimenting with new foods and recipes to avoid mealtimes becoming monotonous and creates delicious yet nutritious dishes for all to enjoy.

Different customers have specific meal requirements and Halima can cater for a wide range of these, including:

 Crohn’s disease
 Low GI
 Low fat
 Low calories
 Low cholesterol
 Gluten-free (meals and baked goods) 
 All food allergens and intolerances. 

Unfortunately, people with food allergies or intolerances can run the risk of certain nutrient deficiencies if they cut out one or more food groups without replacing those nutrients from other foods. Halima Ferreira can help ensure you remain as fit & healthy as possible.

Halima Ferreira, Leicester's number #1 private chef can step in when you are feeling maxed out, uninspired or bored, ensuring each meal has enough nutrients to support your body and healthy lifestyle. 

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