Fruity Gelatin Shots

When collagen is processed, it becomes a flavourless, colourless substance called gelatin. After it cools it has a jelly like texture. If you are suffering from a sports injury or an athlete looking to improve your performance or prevent injury, these delicious fruity gelatin shots could be just the ticket!


  • For athletes, fruity gelatin shots (when snacked on pre-exercise) can help improve performance and prevent injury

  • Fruity gelatine shots contain amino acids which are essential for the proper functioning of various organs as well as providing energy.

  • Gelatin shots are ideal for easing joint pain

  • They can help to improve sleep quality

  • Helps to aid weight loss

  • Can help with aiding digestive function

  • Helps control blood sugars

  • Assists with maintaining healthy bones


  •  Gelatine powder sachets 10g 

  • 300ml Mango/strawberry/ pomegranate /guava juice (Chosen juice must have no acid as it will break the gelatin down)

  • Other alternatives include coconut water or rose water/ orange blossom water to create unique flavours


1.     Heat 125ml of juice until it begins to bubble

2.     Add 10g of gelatine

3.     Whisk until dissolved

4.     Remove from the heat

5.     Add the remaining juice into the mix

6.     Whisk thoroughly

7.     Pour until moulds, roughly 100g shots

8.     Refrigerate overnight

Important Information

  • To be eaten first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

  • Daily dose 150-200g per day