Halima's Bone Broth

Inspired by a Pro Footballer struggling with regenerative issues, I created this bone broth recipe to help ease some of the pain and discomfort.

Why bone broth is fantastic for you

  • It’s better than expensive botox

  • It contains minerals and nutrients galore!

  • It makes skin plump and supple

  • Reduces cellulite

  • Helps to cushion joints

  • Provides healing for the digestive tract

  • Ideal for athletes as it’s a great way to refuel post game or activity.


Step 1-2

  • Veal bones 3.3kg

  • Beef ox tail 2.8kg

  • Vinegar

  • Water

Step 3-5

  • 1x bunch of celery with leaves

  • 4x large red onions

  • 5x carrots

  • 4x bulbs of garlic

  • 2x large leeks

Step 6

  •  10x black peppercorns

  • 4x bay leaves

  • 5x litres of water


1.     Soak veal bones and beef oxtail in water and vinegar for 2 hours. (Vinegar helps to pull the nutrients out of the bones)

2.     Drain and then roast the bones on high heat

3.     Prep vegetables into chunky pieces, wash thoroughly (especially leeks to get rid of mud)

4.     Add vegetables to roasted bones

5.     Roast together well

6.     Add peppercorns, bay leaves and water

7.     Simmer and cook on low for 48-72 hours

8.     Skim the broth as its cooking to remove impurities and excess fat.

9.     After 72 hours, strain the broth with a large colander and remove the bones and vegetables. Strain the liquid through a muslin cloth for a second time to remove small bones and any other bits and pieces from the cooking process

Hints and Tips

  • You can use the meaty bits again for other recipes such as a chunkier stew style broth. (Stage 9)

  • Use ice cube trays to pour the broth into and freeze to use at your convenience.

  • The broth will keep up to five days in fridge.

  • Bone broth should gel when cooled; this is a sign that it has plenty of great collagen and gelatin which is beneficial to health.