A lover of things foodie, Halima’s lifelong love affair with food can be traced all the way back to her childhood living in Africa, and the important role cooking within the home took in influencing her career.

”It excites me to educate, empower and inspire women (and men) to live their best lives ever! “
- Halima

Bringing together the very best ingredients alongside many years of experience in the industry, Halima Ferreira is able to create delicious yet nutritious culinary delights whether you are looking for daily menus, bespoke dishes for an upcoming corporate event or a romantic menu for two.

Tailored Taste by Halima Ferreira offers exquisite multinational food and catering services to meet your every requirement. From private dining, to a romantic dinner, healthy lunches or even baking cakes with children. Halima offers chef and catering services that are guaranteed to please in all situations.

Services offered include:

Private dining, family gatherings, birthday parties, weddings and celebrations, romantic dinners, cookery lessons, cooking with children, team building, consultancy, corporate events and catering, preparing menus for special diets and/or cooking for those, cooking and leaving meals ready for individuals/couples/families, developing menus for troubled kitchens, vegetarian and vegan cookery.

Different customers have specific meal requirements and Halima can cater for a wide range of these, including:

Plant based diets, Kosher, Crones disease, low GI, Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan, Coeliac, low fat, low calories, low cholesterol, Gluten - free ( Meals and baked goods), all food allergens and intolerance's.

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When we speak of “cooking in the moment,” we speak of our emotional presence in the food.
We create from an ever changing perspective influenced by our personal lives, the weather outside, the seasons that envelop us, and the amazing ingredients that grow just beyond our backdoor.
All of this is possible because of relationships.
We thrive off of the relationships that were built with our staff, our guests and our growers and producers.
These are the relationships that will sustain us.

- Anonymous

"Highly aware of current trends and changes within the industry to maintain consistency, quality and variety."

Operating throughout London and Internationally.